A tribute to my girls. Butterfly

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You asked me to draw a butterfly cause there is no lightness enough.

My girl, cold winter winds will blow us away soon.

We are already light and airy.

My son asked me lately: “Do you know why light people cannot fly up? Because other people with cobblestones inside are holding onto them”.

Maybe it’s really so.

But we, deep inside, know how to flutter like butterflies, to rustle wings slightly heard, with our favorite flowers iridescent on them.

And maybe we carry in our hearts cobblestones of others, blocking the way.
Blocking our way.

Losing sight of the goal, losing the way, devaluing ourselves, success, nature.

And forms of pupae and caterpillars are available to us.

And we are able to choose the right one for the right time.
We can do everything.

And I will draw you a butterfly.

And you will find the most beautiful flower.

And the sun will warm your wings.

And nectar will give you strength.

No cobblestones.
Lightness, warmth and Light.