A tribute to my girls. Do you want to?

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Do you want me to teach you to hear the sea?
Not the sound of the surf, not the evening whisper.

To hear water by hand.
When you touch the surface of the sea with your palms.

The first feeling that you realize is coolness.
But you can go further by holding your palms …

Gradually a sense of surface will appear – smooth as silk.
It will roll, caressing your fingers, knocking to you with a slight trepidation.

And then, through this tenderness, you will feel it as a single organism, you will feel the elasticity of the water surface.
Through the palms you will connect with this endless water flow, you will become its part.

And do you want me to teach you to hear the wind?
To hear not to its sounds and energy, but to hear its tenderness with your palms?

Raise palms from the water surface up to the sun and hear your hands …
At first you will feel how the wind will knock violently on them, and then …

Through the drying sea on the palms the wind will begin to draw its ornament, enveloping all your lines of love and life with a hot wave, sweeping the city dust from your hands, playing between your fingers, changing its direction …

And do you want to?