A tribute to my girls. Everything is alright now

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Everything is alright, my dear.

The last spurt.

You know it’s when you finish studying, suddenly, a little panic catches up.

A familiar and stable world dissolves along with the last exam.
And you do not know what is next. Sometimes it’s so frightfully to step.

And the world lives around you – unusual, exciting.

And you will definitely find your paths.

You’ll learn to love yourself.

You’ll start to bloom like a tender tea rose.

You’ll look around and allow yourself everything that has been forbidden for a long time:
– to make mistakes;
-to go the road that you chose exactly as much as you feel comfortable and cozy on it;
-to volplane;
-to create new worlds with your tender fingers;
– to create for yourself, for dear ones, for the whole world;
-to love.
This feeling will come a little later, when your soul opens to another soul.
A little later, because you need a little time to sort through everything accumulated over years.

And to cry from the heart.

And to be glad with all your heart.

Everything is alright, my dear.

Everything is alright now.