A tribute to my girls. I know

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I don’t know what happened in your city.

What happened to your heart, why the soul pants and where is the place where you could hide and wait out the storm, save your strength, return to yourself?

I don’t know who or what caused your eyes to cry, is there a reliable shoulder near to which you can lean on.

I know that the clouds will always be dispersed by the wind, and the night will be replaced by a bright sunny day.
And the same wind will sweep away, destroy all that is bad and unnecessary.

I know that there will be strength for a new day, for feeling the taste of air in the early morning, for doing ordinary things. And let other than ordinary ones stand aside while you are looking for a balance point.

Let them wait a little.

I know that the soul will be ill for a while and then become more and more calm, otherwise how would we know right from wrong.

I know that you can allow everything that is painful to be released.

Yes, even to beat all the plates in the house!
Just release, don’t keep in yourself, do not load the old suitcases without a handle.

I know that everything will settle down, and the stars will finish their summer ordering, taking us through all the back streets of the occultation corridor.

I know we will get a little older this summer. Maybe a pair of gray hair will shade our curls.

I know that we are still on the road ahead.
And we see the Light.

And even if no one sees it, it exists really.

Whether we want it or not.

I do not know what happened in your city.

I know that there is you, frail, tender and that the ball will twist anyway, and then a pattern that you weave yourself will appear in your magic palms, a pattern where there is a place for smiles and joy, sun and rain.

Hold on my dear girl, you’re not alone.