A tribute to my girls. In the world’s eyes

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You asked me: what am I in the world’s eyes?
Beautiful, light as a butterfly in a warm summer forest, by trembling its wings raising the flavor of blooming blueberry and lingonberry bushes sky-high, to the tops of ancient pines and fir-trees, to the genial Sunshine.

Strong and confident, knowing that the barriers are inaccessible only for those who’re afraid to recognize their strength; that obstacles are broken in front of light and powerful energy; that for moving forward you just have to go: by faith, by truth, for the beautiful goal.

Tender and gentle, feeling others through herself, conducting energy, giving helping hand to those who are looking for or have lost sight of a foothold, with calm voice wrapping extra flashes around herself and others.

Happy Birthday, my dear!

And let the dreams fly calmly like butterflies in a warm forest, each of them will spire its aromas and let they fill the souls and hearts of the people close to you.

Let strength and confidence be always near, in any situation, at any time, because everything around us happens to the best of our strengths, our true strengths, and this means that everything you have in mind is absolutely possible for you.

Realizing your destiny in the whirlpool of real life, let your tenderness be kept and increased for those who are close to you, who are ready to accept and keep it carefully.

And let a strong and confident man shoulder appear next to you and increase your strength with his own one and open the doors of a sincere heart for the flight of love, joy, flavor of a wingbeat which will fill the whole world around you.

Happy Birthday!