A tribute to my girls. Just love

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Your beautiful eyes are full of anxiety …
And it seems there is no end in sight of the obstacles that stand in your way.
And you overcome & overcome, and their new heads grow like hydra’s ones.

And the strength is gone.
And it’s so frightfully to look forward.

You want to foresee everything, to secure yourself everywhere and in advance.
And you are joining this crazy race in order to be in time, not to allow it.

You know – it’s just life, with its zigzags, turns and sometimes in the opposite direction. You cannot secure yourself against it in advance; we do not know what lies ahead for us.

Otherwise, we would not find the strength to get up every morning, smile at the sun, enjoy the smiles of children, we would be constantly waiting for something to happen.

And, probably, it’s correct, that everything is arranged so.
And maybe you should not worry about how it will be tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and what will happen in a month.

To decide when it really happens.
To make a decision not in advance, but in fact.

Just to understand that fear spends your strength, not on loved ones, not on friends, but on the useless furnace of your life, youth and beauty.

You can easily check by yourself: write one event, that bothers you in the future, and a number of solutions that you see now. Write and put on the back burner.
And when it happens, if it happens in general, then look at the solutions of that one, yourself in past. And these solutions are unlikely to be actual in the new reality.

Therefore, release your fear.
Just live.

Accept your loved ones as they are. Just as a given.

Search and find for yourself a worthy place, which will be only yours among your loved ones. Allow yourself to take care of yourself, such a sensual, beautiful, tender woman.

Take yourself like this. The new one. Without unreasonable fears.
But if you want battles – fight with reality, not with fictional situations, not with a future that has not come yet.

Just live.
Just love.
Just enjoy each new day like a miracle.

The sun leaves somewhere for the night. But morning will come anyway.

Take care of yourself.