A tribute to my girls. Just near me

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For many years I wrote you letters.
I talked to you.
I appealed to you.

You, as you could, answered, understood, calmed, felt.

I knew you were here, just here and near me.
And this silent silence is the best reward, and now?

And now I also know that you are near, that you are watching me, that we both are on the threshold.

On the new, wonderful threshold.

And it does not mean that I will once again make a step, and once again you will sigh and stand next to me, and we will go into the unknown.

And it does not mean that I, feeling your strength, will start a breakthrough, and you will carry me on your wings.

It means something else: that now me and you, together we are standing on the threshold.

You probably know what lies ahead.

But not me.

And I do not want to know.

I know only one thing: you are and will be standing near me.