A tribute to my girls. Peace

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The waves whispered softly.

White seagull sat on wet stones and looked into the distance.

The wind speeded up one moment, then tailed away a the second, as if stumbling over an invisible obstacle.

The silence around was interrupted only by the rustle of waves over large stones and soft roar of the airplanes landing.

Evening sky breathed even calm, absorbing a hot day, a bustle of the city, the annoyance of people.

The quiet measured light of the setting sun painted ornaments on the water surface and the sun’s rays calmed down, turning into warm golden lines on the boundless silk surface of the sea.

The waves whispered softly, lulling and calming.

The evening breathed power and peace, bringing freshness, giving rest to the whole creation.

The wind wrapped in freshness.

Everything around was breathing peace.