A tribute to my girls. Support

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You asked me:
-What is it?
-What do I do?

To choose the direction the search is better to start from your heart. To listen, feel, be able to differ its voice through an uneven knock.

And little by little, to start the movement trusting it.
It is not necessary to go ahead, you can also look back, throw out the garbage, fold the valuable lessons neatly, thank and continue.

When the ” your heart isn’t in it”, the Universe shows: “It’s not your door. If you insist, I will open it for you and continue to support until it becomes obvious that you are standing on someone else’s path.
Then I’ll carefully bring you back and continue to learn to hear yourself and with all my being to choose your own way”.

You can and should make mistakes, stumble, get lessons.

And to search.

And when you move forward, it is always better to pull the magic thread behind you tying it to the dearest, to your point of support.

And then it’s not scary at all.
The road as it is, no worse, no better than others.

But it’s your road.

With its winds and hurricanes, thunderclouds and gentle sunshine.

Just live, do not let the negative in your soul, collect your warding circles and wrap yourself in them on cold nights.

Just love and let the heart tremble, and the soul fly to the stars.