A tribute to my girls. The dance

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I am.
My birth is absolutely.
I am.
I am the Will.
My energy is free.
I penetrate every cell of the living and nonliving, that which I surround.

I step inside the circle.
Twilight and easy fatigue.
I am in You. You are in me.

Gentle hands touch my breath.
A quiet whisper: “breathe, breathe”.

I am Sprout.
My roots are deep underground.
They hold me.
My roots are a prop.

I am a Sprout in a stream of sun energy.
I’m raised higher and higher.

I’m already standing on my fingertips.
I am not afraid, my roots are deep and strong.

I am stretching up, pulling up by each cell.

I am Energy, there is no barrier to my movement.

Warm, thick, light as seeds of dandelions, strong as a gale, flashes of energy are circling around me.

I am Sprout. There is no fear.

I lean forward — this is my greeting to the Wind, which can tilt a little, to hug me in its impulse.

I accept you. Your breath merges with my energy.

I grow up. By every shoot and leaf. My hands are drowning and pulling up.

Voices flow around me, rolling inside the streams, moving in a circle.

I penetrate them and stretch up with them …

I am going up to where there is no pain and harm.

Only a point of rest in a blindingly bright electric field.
It bends and turns me. I am balancing with my fingertips on the parchment plane.

I am the Sprout, my roots are deep and protect me.

My stalk and leaves are dancing with the Wind.

I am Energy. I am absolutely calm in the upstream.

I join its power.

I am that Power.

Breathe …

I open my eyes.

There are millions of sun rays in my palms.

They gather in a circle and whirl, whirl.

My hands tremble to the beat with their dance.

I stretch my palms forward.

I tell You: “warm up”.