A tribute to my girls. The home

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nd when you return home from a trip, no matter it was happy or difficult, tedious or easy, you cross the threshold and inhale the smells for the first second.

Those elusive that distinguish the home from the home of millions of people around the world.
You pass, tired and filled with different emotions, and it begins to heal, open to you room by room.
It happens that you bring it bright souvenirs, creating to it the happiest moments that you have tried to keep in cute and funny things, to add his energy with fresh colors.
And it looks closely, letting in new ornaments on its walls, freeing shelves and little corners. Begins to keep bright moments together with you.

And it happens that when you arrive, you sit on the floor, shaking off painful excitements: sorting things out, you literally fall on your bed and lie staring at the ceiling completely exhausted for a long, long time.
And you begin to relax- slowly, slowly.
Anyway, I’m at home. – you think.
These walls will protect me from thunderstorms and hail …
Others will not penetrate here.
The home.
Your home with your own smells.

It also happens such a way: you enter the home, and suddenly you realize that you have grown up.
And all these cute pretty-pretties, the anchors of your happy moments, look like children’s toys …
And you collect them in a large box: photos, posters, souvenirs. You collect and look for a place, a little fussy, where it can be removed. And fast.
To remove as to get off the anchors of past life.

And then, you begin to disassemble the furniture, carry out and hand out tables and chairs and a chair, once lovely to you.
And the home begins to absorb the renewal energy: furniture, wallpaper, curtains to which you have not paid much attention.
The home resists a little, grumbles, leaves traces of furniture on the floor, old newspapers look through the removed wallpaper, newspapers of the last update time of your house.
The home is a place of power, a fortress into which you can get into and shoot out from all windows, or you can set the table for your close friends and, playing the guitar, breathe with them with its comfort and calmness.

It is a home.

It is your home.