A tribute to my girls. Me and Me

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The question randomly asked.
Surprised eyes wide open.

Electric flow slightly trembles on the eyelashes.
From the depths, a wave has already risen to the light and will soon fall upon years of tension and pressure, washing away guidelines and fences.

Comprehension and insights are so obvious that it even becomes funny:
-How it could be so?

Once upon a time having defined for yourself how it relates to a particular situation, have you never looked this way again?

To live and constantly evaluate your career and your way based on the mark made in the past?

To devalue, grade successes and breakthroughs?
Do not pay attention to positive changes?
To focus on the perception of situations not from the present moment, but again and again living and carrying with you the experienced excitements, fears and feelings from the past.
Hear yourself today.
Look at life as an independent and neutral observer, believing only the real facts.
The fact, the consequences, the external circumstances, the efforts made, the resources that were in the moment of the situation and those that “suddenly” appeared in addition.
You see that help always comes on time. At the time when you really need it?
At the transition point.
Do you see it?
Look carefully with today’s look.

Thank yourself and drop the burden of past attitudes and experiences.
With peace of mind and light heart continue to live now.
I also answer my questions, I doubt, I look around, looking for transition points and my supports.
Today I was accidentally asked:
-What experience does help to move on?

And I thought for a long time about how to adapt it, this experience, do weave it into my life, do I rely on it?
What helps me to move on?
Where is actually a resource that supports: inside or outside?

And while I continue thinking, more and more new events, situations emerge in the mind:
-people who have stood nearby;
-help, “come from nowhere”, and so on time;
– a force that turned out to be a powerful energy given to solve a specific situation, which I did not even suspect …

My experience and my movement.
My balances and my harmony.
I and my strength.
I and my attitude to myself.
Me and me.

Look into your eyes.
Let the waves of tears clean them.

Listen to your heart.
Let it open wide for gratitude.

Look into your soul.
Let it be easy and joyful.

Let it be.