10. Greatest Wishes

After seeing his friends off to the ocean House Number Six became sad. He was so worried about Mouse and Gnome that forgot to tell them he wanted to come too. When he found the forgotten suitcase, he was anxious for Gnome to come back for it to tell him about his willing, but no one came. Accidentally looking up, House saw his friends flying away on Cloud…
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3. Sleepy head Sunny

Sunny was a late sleeper and loved to nap wrapping himself into cozy white clouds. Clouds loved Sunny very much and always covered and sheltered him from unimportant things. One day, Sunny woke up and looked down on the Earth, stretching himself. At first, he thought that he was still asleep: from on high people looked like gloomy snowmen wrapped in fur. Across the roads huge snow banks were standing, merry streams were hidden, and the forest stood silent. Continue reading “3. Sleepy head Sunny”