3. Sleepy head Sunny

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Sunny was a late sleeper and loved to nap wrapping himself into cozy white clouds. Clouds loved Sunny very much and always covered and sheltered him from unimportant things. One day, Sunny woke up and looked down on the Earth, stretching himself. At first, he thought that he was still asleep: from on high people looked like gloomy snowmen wrapped in fur. Across the roads huge snow banks were standing, merry streams were hidden, and the forest stood silent.

But Sunny thought for a minute and found out, to his deep shame, that he had been asleep for too long and Winter got too long. Winter herself was tired – on the Christmas eve everyone was waiting for her with love. After holidays children were sliding and adults admired sparkling show cover. Now everything is different, frost patterns on windows and severe cold pleased no one…

Sunny got to work immediately. First, he set a long beam to break the frozen waters of lakes and rivers. But the ice on them was so thick, Sunny had to send a whole beam army to melt it a little bit. When the first pools of melting water appeared, fish started to get warm and swim to the surface, waving their fins joyfully.

The next army was sent to the forest, they tickled treetops of frozen firs and pines until the snow mantels on them turned into dripping water. Soon, all over the land happy streams were crawling into holes, waking animals from their winter sleep. In the lair, for a long time Bear had been trying to wake up: he tossed from side to side, but the warmth did not come. His dreams became disturbing, and hunger was already making itself felt. When Bear sensed the first brook, he had finally opened his eyes, stretching his whole body. When he put his nose out of the lair, he suddenly smelled dried apples, which, as it turned out, Hedgehog has already brought him thoughtfully, because he knew that Bear would be very, very hungry …

Having melted ice in the forest, Sunny began to warm people, slowly forcing them to change their warm fur coats to spring clothes. Merry brooks have already been running across each path. Sunny smiles were shimmering in their waters. Beauty-Spring embracing her girlfriend Winter, was seeing her off to the far North Pole, where she could take a break from the lengthy worries.