15. Return Home

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Captain Boris thanked hospitable House and said:

– I am the captain of a fine ship. And according to the first and most important rule – captain must never leave his ship. I’ll try to figure out how to get it in the water and go on a journey around the world. However, I don’t know yet how I’m going to recruit a team.

Lilliputians-Giants began to jump up and down with impatience:

– Can I?

– Oh, we want too!

– I want to be a sailor!

– And I!

– And I!

– Take us!!!

Out of habit, everyone was shouting in chorus. House Number Six remembered perfectly how it had ended last time and he hurriedly and loudly shouted:

– Stop!!! Let’s talk one by one.

Then the quietest of the Lilliputians-Giants said:

– Our hearts’ desire is to go on a journey around the world and see new cities and wonderful countries. And traveling on such a beautiful ship would be six times more pleasant !!!

And again on the triangular island there was a lot of activity. Lilliputians-Giants drew on the sand of unusual sundae wafer color a plan according to which it is possible to make a device and launch the ship to the Ocean. The fastest of Lilliputians-Giants went to collect palm branches.

A few moments later from the bush there came a contagious chuckle, growing into laughter and screaming:

– Oh, let go !!!

– Ay!

– I’m ticklish, – he was shrieking with laughed.

Friends ran towards the sound of his cries to see what was happening there. Only House Number Six stayed on the shore: in his Magic Forest there were no such dense thickets into which only Lilliputians-Giants, Gnome and Mouse with captain Boris could squeeze.

Mouse was first to reach it and immediately there was her laughter. It sounded like there were hundreds of bells ringing all around the island.

When all the others made their way through the thickets, they saw a strange picture: the Lilliputian-Giant was waving his hands, as if he tried to drive away some annoying insects, Mouse, curled up on the ground, was laughing. Around the Lilliputian-Giant brown hairs were sticking and swinging in different directions.


– Wow!!! – said the most intelligent of Lilliputians-Giants. – Hairy tree!

There really were many beautiful palm trees growing on the island. Their trunks were all covered with brown hairs. And when the Lilliputian-Giant had approached the largest trunk, these hairs surrounded him. And the more angrily he waved his arms, the more these hairs were swaying, getting into all the slits, even through his shirt.

Captain Boris, trying not to laugh very loudly, went up to the Lilliputian-Giant, caught his hand and led him out of the palm captivity.

Friends returned to the Ocean shore, hiccupping with laughter.

– Wow! Our first journey begins with a magical tree, which very much likes to tickle those who come close to it, – said the captive Lilliputian-Giant, trying to catch his breath.

When all preparations were completed, they launched the ship. Captain Boris found brand new vests in the hold. Now Lilliputians-Giants looked like real sailors.

Gnome, Mouse, and House Number Six solemnly saw their friends off.

Mouse was just a bit upset: how would Lilliputians-Giants be able to return to Magic Forest, if there is no Ocean, on which a ship could sail.

Captain Boris reassured her:

– During the journey we will find real masters, who will help us to refine the ship. It is going to be a Flying Ship!

– Flying Ship, – said Mouse in a whisper. – How wonderful it must be!

House Number Six, Gnome, and his girlfriend Mouse began to prepare for return home.

Cloud lowered sunny lift platform, on which House Number Six was fixed with the hardest beams.

And Storm Cloud let sunny beams through herself, which were built into a magical ladder for Mouse and Gnome.

– Thank you, great and warm Ocean. We are going home.

In a beautiful stone house, surrounded by an apple orchard, at a big table an old Sorceress was sitting and watching carefully as Clouds were flying toward Magic Forest, and a beautiful ship sailed towards the endless horizon of the Ocean. On the stern there was standing Captain Boris and looking in a long spyglass at Clouds, and his team – Lilliputians-Giants – were working on the deck.

– It’s time to finish the fairy tale, – she said to Owl.

– Yes, later I’m going to open a new chapter about the adventures of friends, – she agreed.