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6000 kilometers away from Moscow, in the warm ocean there lies Magic Island of Bodufinolhu, 200 meters in width and 600 meters in length.
The island, where every day at the same time manta rays swim to the coral reef.
The island, where small sharks grow and blue spotted rays hide nimbly in the warm coastal waters.The island, where flying foxes live on tree tops, and coconuts lie proudly under the feet.
The island, that will forever live in the hearts of our family. Its heat, sun and energy is always enough for us on long autumn Moscow days.
The island, where Captain Boris, Baby Shark and Crab were born, where we wanted to send everyone to meet Sunny and the Ocean.
The island, after seeing which, I was hugging my most expensive treasure on the long evenings and created small worlds whispering words in a little ear.
The worlds, where the most difficult questions had simple and magical answers.
Those, where happiness is infinite, and if Cloud sheds rain, you just sew a hole in her.
Those, where any fictional hero began his life in the Magic Forest.
Those, where you can go on an amazing journey on Sunny Beams.
Those, where my little son and I could create, give warmth, help, believe in a miracle, make our hearts desires come true.
The worlds, gathered under the warm roof of House Number Six, will continue to live in the hearts of my children.
The worlds, that you can carefully pass along, they will run in the family and continue in the hearts of grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
The worlds, that will make a simple bedtime story immortal, continuing it with every new birth.
The worlds, that will save the most important and expensive.
When I created our Magical World with my mother, I wanted:
True and faithful friends to live in this world;
Dreams of girls and boys came true;
Sunny was always by my side;
There was no evil;
The fairy tale lived forever, keeping warmth and hope in the hearts of people.

Listen to your heart. Create your tales and run them in your family.
The authors of the project «Tales in the family»:
Светлана Добычина, Тимофей Добычин

Artist: Елизавета Борисова[]
Editor: Татьяна Кузьмина
Photo: Антон Арсёнов[]
Translation: Анастасия Санковская []

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