A tribute to my girls. Close circle

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Many reflections different in emotional saturation came to my mind after our conversation: from bright and joyful when your voice rings as a hand bell, and ridiculous rays gather around eyes; down to sad when tears gather in your bottomless eyes as if in a big saucer, and wave, trying to keep inside.
You are right; our life is filled exactly with what we put in it: wood, footpaths, century oaks and warm fir-trees; the sun on a hillock, clear sky.

Something conducts us to the correct people: acquaints and connects by an incomprehensible ornament.

Just like you, I believe that there are many honest and good people in this world. It’s not easy to reach them, it is hard to open your hart and start to trust because it is easier to throw a stone into an open soul.
It is such rare opportunity to be near such people, in one stream, to exchange energy and heat, and then to store them carefully as if they were small treasures.

We are both adults, and, at some moment, it is necessary just to admit to himself that the world around – it is you.

It is what you bear responsibility for: relations, joy, love and tenderness. The world that you create and you protect to which just you trust.
Moreover, no matter if it’s big or small and how many people are there, even if there is nobody inside. But it exists, yours, fragile and gentle.

To realize your responsibility for your body and health, to look afar and to see happy grandsons…

To listen to your heart and to learn to love yourself with all whims and fears.

We are already able to afford not to pretend to be and not to count wrinkles.

Adult, beautiful, trustful to the heart, giving heat and attention only those whom we have chosen, to the inner charm circle.

It is just necessary to believe to yourself…