A tribute to my girls. Farewell to the sea

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And when you say goodbye to the sea, it seems to remove all obstacles to communication.
Water from the very first run does not seem cold, immediately lets you whole without conditions.

The breeze gently touches the skin, does not burn, does not fall over you as an obstacle, just gently rubs your hair, runs down your back, takes away the remnants of hard feelings and misunderstandings. It whispers lovingly in your ear: “I am seeing you off, I have given you my strength and taught tenderness, I am always near you, if not with a light sea breeze, but with windy Moscow weather. But it is me also. And let there be no opportunity to wrap and hug, and let not everyone will recognize me in this guise, but you are not them all… You will feel me both in rainy August and in cool September”.

And the stones! They are in a hurry to give away heat with millions of touches, leaving light traces on the skin, penetrating under it, reaching the heart.

And let a light sadness moisturize the eyes, and let the heart strive to stay here, and let, let, let …

And you will carefully keep all the gifts, in your soul: the smell of steppe grass, the thrill of the waves in a windless calm, the power of the sea stream in a storm, the heat of a midday sun, the tenderness of the stars scattered by someone with a careless hand in the black and blue sky …

And you will know that there is a place where you can return tired, upset, completely exhausted, and it will carefully and patiently, millimeter by millimeter, restore peace of mind, joy and peace.

Wind- to blow all the anxieties, present with flight and freshness, confidence and peace.

And your heart leaves a place where you can always keep gray, mixed with burgundy and white stones, clear blue water, the sun’s rays, unceremoniously breaking into photographs, warmth, tenderness, touch …

See you there.