A tribute to my girls. The trail

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And today I read the phrase:
“They do not leave us, they lag behind us.
They do not return to us, they catch up with us”.

And immediately I recalled our night conversations with you:
through the pain and heartbeat in the throat;
through the fragments of the falling sky;
between paths leading in all directions at the same time and not leading nowhere specifically;
bright impulses and unjust grievances of unexpectedly cold summer rain.

Everything that could make stronger has happened.
And the way, turned to the south, has already been passed.

North is waiting.
Calm and confident.
Smiling steel exposure and powerful wings, standing behind.

Yours and my North.
The one where you can warm only by warming yourself.
The one where there is no one to wind your life on his wheels, because there is only a near circle, standing on the border and protecting real sincerity and tenderness.
The one where there are only yours.

“Aliens will not understand” is a wonderful metaphor from sharp poems of modern musicians.

There are no strangers in our North.

We will gently love the southern shores, wrapped in gusts of wind like in silk …

And the heart rushes to what is waiting.

North is waiting.

The road, which began with a call: wide highways and gray dust on the sides. Expensive cars with powerful engines rush on it at breakneck speed and little old trucks, which are difficult to overcome turns.

The downturn, accidents, obstacles, a dry lump in the throat and tired eyes, peering into the distance, holding attention to the participants of the movement.

And you, like in the stream, but it moves in a circle.
Even labyrinths are like a hologram, only round after round, turn after turn.

And here, the forced stop suddenly exposes the Trail – inconspicuous in appearance, but leading forward, to the North.

And once you step on it, you will feel – it is only yours.

Tired feet stand on a solid living earth, giving life and energy.

A small shrub will reliably cover you, awakening from sleep, from annoying cars that have stopped to see how far you risk to move forward.

But it will not bother you already.

Your Trail will give you everything you need.

Pure heart, free soul, gentle wings behind the back, native companions.

And you will walk on it with what will go ahead to you.

Because when you wake up, you learn to trust yourself, take care of yourself, accumulate a resource and rejoice, save the southern wind in your soul, so as not to freeze in the North, protect your inner fire and share it only with yours, enriching, but not burning each other.

Strong and tender.

Beautiful and touchingly feminine.

On your Trail.



To the North.