4. Travelling friends

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On a wonderful summer day, Mouse and Gnome went on a small trip through their magic land. Mouse, as the most caring girl should, packed a basket with her favorite treats for the trip. Gnome, as it should, carried it. He was very proud that Mouse trusted him to carry her basket.

The weather was fine, the path looped through huge trees and high blueberry bushes. Friends laughed gaily. Sunny played hide and seek with them. Suddenly, around the bend, they met a sad Bunny.

Sunny frowned and asked him: “What happened?” And Bunny told them, shedding his tears, that carrots are not growing and he is afraid he is going to have no harvest and will be hungry through the winter.

– Why? – the friends were very much surprised.

“Because Cloud has fallen asleep and forgot that it’s time to water the carrots,” said Bunny through tears. Now, when he has met his friends, he was weeping even more.

Sunny flushed. All the inhabitants of the magic country still remembered how they waited through long and cold winter for Sunny to wake up, and were a little afraid that this sleep could  stretch over many years. And only Hedgehog knew that Sunny must wake up and that he needs to prepare some dried apples and manage to bring them through the snowstorm to the house of Bear. Mistrustful inhabitants of the magic country laughed at him. But Hedgehog confidence gradually passed to everyone, and they began to believe that Sunny is definitely going to wake up. And now daydreamer Cloud has suddenly fallen asleep. Last time when she was wondering, she accidentally turned a neat meadow into a squelching swamp, forcing House Number Six to go searching for the Magic Hill.

Sunny stretched out his beam high and reached Cloud. Cloud was dreaming sweet. Then Sunny sent a million beams, and they warmed Cloud so much, that she started to turn from side to side and lay on another side with a hole in it and warm rain poured onto the carrot rows.

With joy carrots began to grow rapidly; by the evening Bunny with Mouse and Gnome had harvested all the carrots.

Tired, but satisfied, friends stayed overnight at Bunny, and Sunny was comfortably snuggled on the windowsill.

In the morning, the friends put gifts into the basket, which were the most delicious carrots in the world, said good-bye to Bunny and continued their journey. They were walking for a long time, because Mouse liked so much to run and jump into the high and very soft moss, and Gnome wouldn’t stop his girlfriend, because he loved her sonorous merry laughter.

Moving from one meadow with a dark-green dense moss to another with a bright lime-green moss, growing in small bunches, they accidentally wandered into the windfall, where they met Bear. Bear was very sad, because he had offended bees!

And there is nothing sadder than angry bees who only buzz menacingly, rather than giving tasty honey.

“Why are bees resenting you?” Gnome asked.

Bear was silent, because he was ashamed. He was a little lazy by nature and did not care for bees houses and the meadow around them. Over time bright and fragrant flowers disappeared from the meadow, only the branches remained, which had turned into a real windbreak.

Friends chided lazy Bear. Gnome and Bear went off to sort the branches and trash, and Mouse took from her basket seeds of the most magical, wonderful and fragrant flowers and sowed them on the renewed area. Cloud with Sunny also kept themselves busy: neat droplets together with warm radiance created real miracles. By the evening, the whole meadow smelled of wonderful magic flowers.

The bees forgave their Bear, and their queen brought a gift of fragrant honey to friends. Mouse was very proud that she took a basket big enough for such nice gifts.

Friends stayed overnight at Bear. And in the morning they decided that this journey was too long, and it was time to return home to House Number Six, so that he would not be upset because of such a long separation.